Boy Burnt for Stealing 10 LD in Gbarpulo

17:18 Sep 29 2011 Gunyan Town, Bopolu, Gbarpolu County, Liberia

A 5 years old boy hand was burn in Gunyan Town, Bopolu District, Gbarpolu county on the 29 Sept 2011 by his grand-mother for stelling 10 L D.
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Cordy (Dec 28 2011)
This forum needed sahknig up and you've just done that. Great post!
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aenmajkr (Dec 29 2011)
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jrhnedclv (Dec 30 2011)
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Sandrine (Aug 8 2013)
Have you heard of the other "urban legend" about it's more eilrnonmentalvy damaging while manufacturing fluorescent bulbs than normal bulbs? I heard it sometime ago when somewhere decided to ban the traditional light bulb. Wonder if it's true.
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Manish (Aug 11 2013)
April 5, 2012Hey Court! Beautiful doors! I'm fascinated by them as well . Can't wait to see the rest of your Ireland upritces! When I heard that you went there, I will have to admit I was slightly envious . Ireland and New Zealand are our dream vacation spots! I would have to agree with your first commenter that door #16 and #21 are my favs! #16: Love yellow doors. I am very attracted to the vividness of it againsst the white sides and the darkness beyond the side designs. #21: Beautiful! I'm sure the house that door belonged to was spectacular. Looks like a door from Narnia . Also, it appears as if it has hair ivy hair how cool! Chase answered your question that he would be a blue door, and if I were a door, I'd be yellow so welcoming that all would come on in and pay me a visit! I love company
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