ERU Stormed Power TV Office

22:05 Nov 7 2011 Carey Street, Montserrado County

Carey Street at Power TV, 7 Nov. 2011, 10:05pm, a group of ERU Police came with two pick-ups full to power TV office forcing the reporter and colleaques to open their door but they refused to do so. Though the police tried to force their way through, but they could not make it through the iron door. They waited for 30 minutes after which they left. However, the TV presenter and other station workers manuever their ways to their houses after the police had left. The police threatened neighbours who came to witness the scene to go back to their various houses.
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Lexus (Nov 17 2011)
Nomarlly I'm against killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance.
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rcbxbsdiox (Nov 17 2011)
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hlevqpu (Nov 17 2011)
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ieadoku (Nov 22 2011)
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