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Rubber Farmers in Sanoyea Complained about the Low Price in Rubber 0 Verified

11:01 Feb 23, 2016

Rubber farmers in Sanoyea District, Lofa County have complained about the drop in the price of rubber. The Farmers" Union President, Mr. Morris... More Information » « Less Information

Sanoyea District, Bong County

A Man Shot in Tubmanburgh 0 Verified

09:03 Feb 22, 2016

on February 16, 2016 a 32 years old man was shot in his left palm by an unknown gunman in the Cooper's Town Community Tubmanburg, Bomi County.... More Information » « Less Information

Tubmanburg, Bomi County

A Missing child is found in Fuama District 0 Verified

08:23 Feb 22, 2016

from Fuamah District lower Bong County , on February 21/2016 at the hour of 3:30pm in Bong mines town, the 16 years old boy that got missing... More Information » « Less Information

Fuamah District lower Bong Count

Tree killed a boy in Fuama District, Bong County 0 Verified

08:11 Feb 22, 2016

from Fuamah District lower Bong County, at the hour of 2:30pm on February 20/2016 in HAINDII town, a stick killed a 16 years old boy while he... More Information » « Less Information

Fuamah District lower Bong County

Domestic Violence in Naama, Zota DIstrict, BOng County 0 Verified

01:31 Feb 22, 2016

On February 17,2016 in Naama town,Zota clan,Zota District Bong county,GBV Case. A man name Junior beat his wife and hurt her and her parents... More Information » « Less Information

Naama town,Zota clan,Zota District Bong county

A Boy Who Went Missing in Felela was Found Dead with Body Parts Extracted 0 Verified

02:58 Feb 20, 2016

On February 20, 2016 in Felelah, Salala District, Bong County the body of a boy who had gone missing was found with body parts extracted. More Information » « Less Information

Salala District, Bong County

Group fighting in Palala City, BOng County 0 Verified

01:12 Feb 20, 2016

palala kpaai district bong county on february 16,2016 Two Different Family members were in confusion because one abused the other and this led... More Information » « Less Information

palala, kpaai district bong county

Car instantly killed a motorcyclist in Gboata, Bong County 0 Verified

10:52 Feb 19, 2016

Gboata Town, Jorquelleh District Bong County On February 16,2016 A Motor Cycle Hit A Car In Gboata On Palala To Gbarnga High Way And The Car... More Information » « Less Information

Gboata Town, Jorquelleh District Bong County

Witchcraft cliamed responsibility for the death of Mr. Tarki-Tarki in Zota District, Bong County 0 Verified

08:35 Feb 18, 2016

On February 19,2016 in Zota District,Bong county,A Witchcraft confessed the death of a man name,TarkiTtarkie. A witchcraft name unknnown have... More Information » « Less Information

Zota District,Bong county

A 65 years old mandingo man pregnant a 15 years old girl in Gbartala City, Bong County 0 Verified

01:43 Feb 17, 2016

Pbo.February 16 2016,Gbartala city Yelequelleh District Bong county.A 65 yrs old Mandingo man impregnated a 15 yrs old girl. He was taken to... More Information » « Less Information

Gbartala city, Yelequelleh District Bong county

A two years old boy missing in Salala District, Bong County 0 Verified

10:57 Feb 16, 2016

FEBRUARY 13, 2016. In Salala District Lower Bong County. A 2year Old boy child get missing three day now the police... More Information » « Less Information

Salala District Lower Bong County

Land slide in Gold Mine killing one person in Boinsen District, Bong County 0 Verified

10:17 Feb 16, 2016

On Feb.10 2015,in Gold camp, Boinsen District,Bong County. Four men left under dirt in the camp while mining gold one die on the same while... More Information » « Less Information

Gold camp, Boinsen District,Bong County

Motorbike accident led to two persons death in Fuamah District, BOng County 0 Verified

11:43 Feb 10, 2016

from Fuamah District lower Bong County, on February 10/2016 at the hour of 5:pm on Bong mines road,a motor bike made accident and the two riders... More Information » « Less Information

Fuamah District lower Bong County


10:52 Feb 02, 2016



A 3 years old girl wounded by motorbike accident in Panta District, BOng County 0 Verified

12:15 Feb 01, 2016

on Jan 31 2016 Garmu Town Panta Dist. Bong Co. A 22 years old man hit a 3 years old child with a motto cycle and broke his hand. The child and... More Information » « Less Information

Garmu Town, Panta Dist. Bong Co

Misunderstanding among Health Workers in Zota District, BOng COunty 0 Verified

07:24 Jan 21, 2016

On January 20,2016 in Belefanai town,Zota District,Bong county,Conflict among Health Worker:There is serious misunderstanding among health workers... More Information » « Less Information

Belefanai town, Zota District, Bong county

A man kill his wife for not cooking in Salala District, BOng COunty 0 Verified

12:21 Jan 20, 2016

On December 20 2016 In Salala District Tokpapolu Town One James Smoker Give His Wife One Hundred Dollar ($100LD) To Cook but The Woman... More Information » « Less Information

Tokpapolu Town, Salala District, BOng COunty



DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN Tokpablee District, Bong COUNTY 0 Verified

02:56 Jan 20, 2016

On Jan 18,2016 in Gbecohn,Tubkpablee Dis.Bong County.A girl Name Nymah and her boy friend Moses Yamyam has been in confusion concerning boy... More Information » « Less Information

Gbecohn,Tubkpablee Dis.Bong County

A man got drunk in the Blue Lake in Bong Mines, Bong COunty 0 Verified

04:43 Jan 06, 2016

Fuamah District Lower Bong County, On January 5/2016 At Hour Of 12 pm In Bong Mines Town. The Teacher That Got Drown In The Water, The Body... More Information » « Less Information

Fuamah District Lower Bong County

Police Requesting for Transport to response to call by citizen 0 Verified

04:11 Jan 06, 2016

The general town chief of Dinmah clan Sanoyea District Mr. JOHN VUKU rise many complain against the L N P in the district. Mr. vuku said the... More Information » « Less Information

Dinmah clan Sanoyea District, Lower Bong COunty

121-140 of 145 Reports
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